Xero developer api documentation – xero developer api documentation

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Xero developer api documentation – xero developer api documentation

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Follow our simple list below to get up & running with the Xero API. Refer to our documentation and ask the Community if you get stuck. Use this method to retrieve one or many invoices. By default responses are formatted as XML. You can also retrieve responses in JSON format.

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The Xero API uses a RESTful approach and responds to requests in an XML or JSON format. Docs Home Page URL replace.me develop new xero APIs; integrate xero with other apps and software; maintain and support xero integrations; system integrations. Xero Developer Partner. We are. Xero’s most commonly viewed reports (listed below) can be retrieved using the Xero API. These reports typically contain a summary of data that may be useful.


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Do you recognize a good idea when you see one? We want to hear from you! View our full list of features requested for our API and make your vote count. Henzard Kruger. Christopher Knight Xero Staff. James Williamson. Xero Developer Community. Am i missing something obvious, I don’t want to keep printing out objects to extract properties and methods. Many Thanks James. Hi, Thanks, that’s very useful, but I can’t see documentation for the XeroClient class?

I’m interested in what methods are available for oauth, i. I’d like to pull back just the refresh token after I’ve called refreshWithRefreshToken, I don’t necessarily want to serialise and save the whole tokenset and then deserialise it. It was setup so that you did not need to initialize the openid client library vs the refreshToken fn method, which does the same thing with different parameters Are you using typescript?

Highly recommend, as it allows you to introspect functions and parameter types, essentially eliminating the need to reference external docs. Hi, Thanks for your help, I’ve done that within Atom and I can get the intellisense working. That said, I would imagine it would be useful for people developing against this library to have docs outlining object types and properties, for instance I’ve decided to have a play with node.

I’m wondering if there’s something like Javadocs for TypeScript which could generate docs based on metadata. Before I continue moaning, is the xero api a best effort volunteer effort or an official i.

Thanks, James.


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