What are decorative herbs?


Traditionally, ornamental herbs sounded a bit familiar, but because they weren’t edible, theynamed these plants ornamental herbs.

Some of these ornamental herbs lacked the taste Other herbs do, while others were developed as gorgeous versions of the garden varieties.

Ornamental herbs are suitable for a wide variety of gardens. From small container gardens to landscaping entire parks and public spaces.

I want to think of all herbs as ornamental plants

. They each have their own strengths and can be incorporated into the landscape of the house with little or no problem .

Some herbs are considered ornamental by nature, but still have medicinal or edible value

. One of the most common plants that can be found in public landscaping is Echinacea puropea -coneflower.

These lovely purple flowers are sturdy and easy to grow, so the environment in your garden isn’t perfect.

It is still one of the most widely known medicinal plants. At the same time, Echinacea comes in different colors and varieties that are truly decorative in nature and look beautiful in a variety of garden layouts.

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chimacea Purpurea Purple Cone Flower Seed 40 Seeds
Echimacea Purpurea Purple Cone Flower Seed 40 Seeds

Choosing decorative herbs

When planting an ornamental herb garden, focus on what kind of herbs you need. You can narrow down the list based on your lighting needs, soil quality and maintenance.

If you grow your garden strictly for decoration, you can grow herbs, not herbal botanists

. This opens up all kinds of herbs that are otherwise unsafe for use by all experienced herbalists. Some herbs that double for decoration are:

  • lavender
  • fennel
  • Bee night
  • Blue cohosh
  • Comfrey
  • milfoil
  • Chicory
  • Echinacea

These are herbal samplings that can be used as ornamental plants in landscape layouts.

Mentha Piperita Peppermint Seed

Lemon Sorrel Seed 200 Seeds £1.60

Purple Cone Flower Seed 40 Seeds £1.05




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