Pork beans are edible! Know what the food is for

Pork beans are a nutritious legume, but should be soaked for 72 hours (to eliminate toxins and antinutrients) before cooking
Pork beans are a nutritious legume, but should be soaked for 72 hours (to eliminate toxins and antinutrients) before cooking

Present in the Brazilian dish, beans are a highly nutritious legume (source of iron, potassium, fiber and vitamins) and yields great recipes: broths, feijoadas, salads or accompanied by rice. But in addition to the best known types of beans (such as black, carioca, fradinho or butter), did you know that there are other very nutritious versions? Pork beans, for those unfamiliar, are a PANC (unconventional food plant) that provides nutritious leaves (can be used as vegetables) and seeds that are cooked like common beans. In order for you to learn more about this food, we have prepared a story talking about the pork bean and its benefits. Check out!

Pork beans function as fertilizer, natural herbicide and are also edible

Despite being traditionally used as fertilizer and natural herbicide – being useful to recover the soil, ward off insects and control weeds – pork beans have been increasingly used in cooking. Its seeds are large, white and, before cooking, you should peel them, soak them for 72 hours ( to eliminate toxins and antinutrients ), always changing the water, and then cook for about 1 hour in the pressure cooker. . The secret to adding more flavor is to use spices like black pepper, garlic, onion, salt and 1 bay leaf.

Note: It is important to note that, if it is not prepared properly, the kidney beans can be toxic to the organism. That is why it is very important to leave it for a long time and, if possible, consult your nutritionist before introducing this legume to your diet.

Pork beans are a source of proteins and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium

The great advantage of the pork bean is that it has a high content of minerals, helping to complement the diet. It is a source of iron (a substance responsible for the transport of oxygen between cells), potassium (essential for the health of muscles) and phosphorus and calcium (minerals that help in the formation of bones and teeth). In addition, it is worth noting that the pork bean functions as an important source of protein , being indicated for the diet of vegans and vegetarians.

Legume assists in digestion, fulfilling laxative effect

If the goal is to improve the functioning of the digestive system , the pork beans can also be useful in the diet. It has laxative properties, being indicated for those with constipation. In addition, the leaves of the plant are also nutritious and can be used in the preparation of detox teas and diuretics.

So, did you already know the pork bean? In order to introduce this legume into your diet, it is very important that you take care to remove toxins from the beans before cooking. Following the tips, there is no mistake!

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