Medicinal plants: know the main and their benefits for our body

Among the main medicinal plants we have chamomile, mackerel and aloe vera
Among the main medicinal plants we have chamomile, mackerel and aloe vera

Nature really provides everything we need to live well – medicinal plants, for example, are living proof that this is true , as they work as very beneficial natural remedies. There are many herbs, spices and plant species that we only have to add to our bodies. And, to get to know the main ones, we talked to holistic therapist Jayme Siqueira. Check it out!

1. Horsetail is rich in minerals important for health

Many people are unaware of this plant, but it is one of the most important and beneficial that exist in the universe of medicinal herbs. This is because it has numerous therapeutic properties, having anti-inflammatory, diuretic and also digestive action. According to holistic therapist Jayme Siqueira, it is rich in essential minerals for our organism: “Horsetail is much older than the existence of man and, therefore, it has a whole cellular memory and a series of minerals that are essential for the people “, he explains.

A good tip is to prepare teas from the horsetail and bamboo leaves (an offshoot of the horsetail), which become detoxifying and immune-strengthening drinks.

2. Oliveira guarantees longevity

Another plant worth mentioning is the olive tree, as it is rich in antioxidants, works as an anti-inflammatory and helps in the treatment of skin problems. According to the therapist, it is a plant that guarantees a greater conservation of our body: “In the universe of millennial plants, the olive tree is one of the most outstanding. In the Mediterranean diet, for example, the olive is considered a very important food, because it helps digestion and guarantees longevity for people “, comments the professional.

3. Aloe Vera has healing power

Aloe vera , also known as aloe vera, is another plant that deserves to be highlighted in this list . That’s because the benefits it brings are innumerable: inside its leaves, it has a “miraculous” gel that can be used to treat burns, scars, insect bites and even acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Aloe gel gel juice is also a food used to detoxify and aid digestion.

4. Mulungu fights stress, depression and anxiety

If you have never heard of mulungu, it is time to meet one of the most healing plants in existence. It stands out for its soothing, antidepressant, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. According to Jayme, this is one of the most important medicinal plants:

“For those who have a headache, trouble sleeping or suffer from anxiety, I recommend mulungu. This plant is an important hepatoprotective, because it works by detoxifying the liver and ensures greater tranquility to our mind. It is always very good to take the mulungu, because it relaxes, eases anxiety, relieves stress, is antidepressant … it really brings many benefits “, explains the therapist.

5. Chamomile has soothing and digestive properties

This is one of the best known plants and, at least once in your life, it is likely that you have already had a chamomile tea . This herb is known for its soothing power and digestive properties. In addition, it helps to ease nausea and menstrual cramps, bringing more comfort to our body.

An interesting way to consume all these plants, including, is through flower remedies – solutions that contain essences of flowers and plants that are very beneficial to the organism . Generally, you only need to take a few drops a day as a form of treatment.

In addition, it is worth remembering that there are many other medicinal plants, such as watercress, mint, basil, lavender and several others that have healing properties. To start consuming them in your daily life you can consult with a holistic therapist and, thus, also get to know them more in depth.

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