Make your own Seed Bombs!


There has been some disccusion if seed bombs actually work and if you should purchase them.

In theory the idea is sound you mix some seed with soil and a few other ingredients then throw it at the ground and the seed grows!

However some people think they cant work because in the process of combinng your seed bomb ingredients the water

You add to combine it can start germination and then letting it dry out can damage the seeds

Today we are going to show you how to create your own seed bombs at home to use the same day

and if you dont want to make them into balls leave them as a dry mix  so all you need to do is add water when you are ready to make them.

that way there is still fun and no loss of seeds follow our Guide below and start making some awsome seed bombs for your garden today,





Making your own Seed Bombs

You will need:

A few Handfuls of compost or flour

A few handfuls of f fullers earth clay  (f You can also use Flour and food colouring if you want to make colourful bombs

Some seeds it can be a mix

A pinch of paprika (optional)



ideally make your bombs the day before it rains this makes sure those seeds dont dry out

Mix together the Compost clay and seeds

If you dont want the birds to eat the seeds you can add a pinch of paprika it will not hurt them but they wont like the taste

We love everything nature and will be adding enough seed so there is plenty for the birds as well so we are not using any

Use water to combine the dry ingredients add enough so you can make a ball that holds its shape a little at a time

Form it into little balls and place them onto some paper or grease proof paper to dry

The next day take them outside and throw into the garden or wherever you are aiming to grow the seeds.

Make sure you have the permission of the land owner ,and hopefully the next day it will rain and kick off the germination process


Seed Bomb Ideas!

Wildlife garden seeds ,purple cone flowers,Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow),

Bees and butterfly flowers-buddleia ,gayfeather,lavenders,highly coloured flowers

Winter bird food– Teasels thistles,pyracantha,contoneaster,holly

Mixed lavender garden-white lavender,French lavender,English lavender



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