How to Stratify Seeds

Certain Seeds will not grow unless they are subjected to cold periods

,this is the case for alot of trees and shrubs native to the UK and Europe that drop their leaves in winter.

Whether you are growing plants for your garden or trying to grow some seedlings for bonsai knowing how to correctly stratify seeds

can widen the different species of plants you can grow.

Below is our guide on how to stratify seeds,its very easy to do but requires time so plan when you wish to grow these seeds in advance

Not all seeds require stratifercation it normally applys to trees and shrubs that like to drop their leaves during the winter but it can also apply to many random plants aswell

You will need some kitchen towel ,a ziplock bag ,and a water spray bottle to get started

Spray the Kitchen towel with some water so it is moist all over but not dripping wet ,lay the kitchen towel out flat. place your seeds onto the kitchen towel try to spread them out if possible

Some seeds are so tiny its hard to do. place your kitchen towel inside your ziplock bag and close it ,you can always fold your kitchen towel in half with the seeds on if needed

Now label and date your seeds and place into your fridge and forget about them

The amount of time the seeds need to be left depends on the species usually its between 6 and 10 weeks

Sometimes the seeds will begin to germinate in the fridge so its essential you check on the seeds weekly also make sure the kitchen towel has not dried out ,

If you find it dry take the kitchen towel out and respray it If you notice your seeds have begun to germinate remove them from the fridge and follow the next step of your germination guide

Sometimes there will be no signs of life when the seeds time is up if the seed is swollen its a good sign

.Once the seeds come out plant them right away watch me stratifying some Seeds below at home

,All seeds for sale on our site come with full germination guides and stratifercation times if applicable.


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