How to Grow and Maintain Microgreens

Microgreen how to

Everybodys doing it!

Microgreens are the new health buzz and what could be more healthy than young new seedlings grown at home by you when you know exactly whats gone into that plant!

You wont need much room and it wont cost a bomb! Its also possible to grow microgreens in a low light apartment ,anyone can try it

To begin with its important to know Microgreen seeds are not a special type of seed they are normal vegtable and herb seeds that we will be growing in a different way than normal

If someone is trying to charge you alot of money for special microgreen seeds the only consideration for it being more should be the quantity as you will be using more seed.


Sunflower Microgreens Seeds Black oil Seeds 100 £1.00
Sunflower Microgreens Seeds Black oil Seeds 100 £1.00


There are two ways to grow Micro greens ,The first is by using Large flat seed trays

Ideally you want to Water seeds of any type from the base to help prevent mold and fungus on the top of the soil this is a big killer of ay seedlings

You can stand you tray in something to soak up water or put water in the bottom and the soil ontop to soak up the water

When the soil is damp at the top make sure it has a approx half a inch space between the soil and the top of the seed tray  so the soil doesnt reach right up to the top of the tray.

Sprinkle your seed evenly across your soil,you will be sowing your seed much more densley than normal but you want to avoid clumps of seed and evenly distrabute the seed across the tray

Do not cover or press the seed in ,it is benificial to spray the seeds ontop to help kick start the germination process for this i recomend using water that has been stood for 48 hours as its much less likley to

cause the seedlings to dampen off

Each seed type will have a different germination time but most will germinate quickly within a few days if the conditions are right

Some Seeds like wheatgerm,sunflowers and peas require soaking and more spacing than the finer ones ,always check germination guides any seeds sold on our site come with a germination guide ont the page and with the seeds

The key to a good tray of Microgreens is quality and even light ,make no mistake if your seedlings have to lean to get it they will,you will have much stronger plants if you can get the seeds under a even light

You should see signs of germination within a few days generally the larger the seed the longer it may take but expect alot of your seeds to be harvestable within 11 days

Some types of Micro greens you can harvest more than once like wheatgerm others you will only get one crop of plants,harvst them by cutting the shoots with a clean pair of scissors or shears  about a quater of the way up the stem from the base

Once you have exhausted your seedlings you can use the left over root mat for compost bins and recycle it

Store your microgreens in a ziplock bag in the fridge they will keep approx 3-5 days

MIcrogreens growing with hydrophonics

Growing Microgreens Hydrophonicly is a little different ,there are hundreds of trays on the market but you can also do it at home cheaply

Idealy you want a waterproof base try with a seive of some type that will sit in the water ontop of the sieve a netting material that will hold your seed

As this method is so diverse ive made a video coming soon below using different ideas and materials on the market with some of our own seeds for sale for you to have a look at


You will find you own method and the right size and quantity for you but including these in any capacity in you diet could yeild real health benifits

Checkout out microgreens catagory we have some lovely flavoursome seeds for growing it doesnt have to be a bland experience with the varieties available today.






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