Growing Cosmos From Seeds.

Cosmos mixed 50 seeds £0.90p 4


This post is all about  Growing Cosmos From Seeds.

The beautiful Cosmos flower may seem complicated to grow,it has some stunning colour varieties and stands on tall willowy stems.

But its surprisingly easy to grow. Cosmos do best in Full sun however they do need some protection from the wind with those long stems.

  Choose a spot for them before you begin.

  No matter what colour Cosmos you are growing they should look similar to the seeds below.

We begin our Cosmos seeds in small cells ,we use a normal compost that has been watered and left for excess water to run off .

  Place the seeds on top of the soil and uncovered.

Next place the pot into a zip lock bag or pull cellophane tight over the top to create a humid atmosphere.

Place the seeds in a sunny position ,on our most recent batch of Cosmos seed we had germination within 24 hours below you can see a video of Cosmos seeds grown by Easy seeds

As they rapidly increase in size pick the seeds out into larger pots

Aclimatise to the outside once the frosts have finished.

This years cosmos germinated this way resulted in germination on day one and seedlings being transplanted on day 6 if the conditions are right this is a very fast growing plant..

Cosmos seedlings 6 days old

We will Update our Video the older the plants get.


The Cosmos Seeds used in this post and our Video where our Pink Seashell mix available Below, the seeds are very big and easy to see so 50 seeds goes along way

We also have the Yellow Sulpheurus mix available this year.a mix of orange yellow and reds in double and single petals.


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