Germinating Eucalyptus Seeds

Germinating Eucalyptus seeds is fairly straight forward ,but make sure you have room before you begin

 Eucalyptus grow into massive trees and they grow quickly

They are Also the food plant for many Moon Moths found in the USA and other countries and of course Koalas

Eucalyptus can be sown into pots right away but if you want to startify the seeds and pre treat them it may improve your gemination rate

If you choose to pre treat the seed ,dampen some kitchen towel so it is holding the water but not dripping then sprinkle the seeds ontop

Place the kitchen towel into a ziplock bag and put that into your fridge for 2 weeks

The seeds you see in the photos below are our own seeds germinated in june 2021 from our supplier

i prepared a quality compost in some small cells i had left over and i pushed a few seeds into the top of the damp compost

Do not cover the seeds with soil as they will need the light to help them germinate,put them in a bright sunny window.

Now place the seed tray into a ziplock bag or cover it with cling film ,this helps keep the air humid and aids germination

It also removes the need for you tow ater the seeds and lessens the chance of dampaning off

after 3 days i noticed some early signs of gemination ,the seeds are very small so it was hard to see where they had gone

to but my eye was drawn to what looked like mold.

Infact it was some very fluffy hair roots bursting out of the seeds

Every day more seeds where germinating  and they came up as a long stalk with a tiny half moon leaf on the end

I have grown Eucalyptus before and this is now a very dangerous stage the seeds are at high risk of dampening off

 do not remove them from the humid enviroment  and use tap water yet

The humidity in the bag is enough for now

Once the seedlings develop a few sets of leaves then you can carfully move them to individual pots

They like good draining soil so add a good amount of sand or grit and a sunny posoition that isnt to windy


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