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How to Germinate Frangipani Seeds

how to germinate Frangi pani seeds

Watch how I germinate our Fragipani (Plumeria) seeds here at easy seeds,the process isfairly simple and quick and mostly Plumeria plants are trouble free to keep as long as they are kept frost free Follow up How to plant your germinated  Plumeria seed ,Especially for customers who have purchased germinated seed from us  

How to Grow and Maintain Microgreens

Microgreen how to

Everybodys doing it! Microgreens are the new health buzz and what could be more healthy than young new seedlings grown at home by you when you know exactly whats gone into that plant! You wont need much room and it wont cost a bomb! Its also possible to grow microgreens in a low light apartment […]

Make your own Seed Bombs!

  There has been some disccusion if seed bombs actually work and if you should purchase them. In theory the idea is sound you mix some seed with soil and a few other ingredients then throw it at the ground and the seed grows! However some people think they cant work because in the process […]

How to Stratify Seeds

Certain Seeds will not grow unless they are subjected to cold periods ,this is the case for alot of trees and shrubs native to the UK and Europe that drop their leaves in winter. Whether you are growing plants for your garden or trying to grow some seedlings for bonsai knowing how to correctly stratify […]