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Choosing Garlic for Growing: How-To Guide

The smell of garlic in the garden It’s hard to think there was a time when garlic wasn’t a staple in the kitchen. Today there are more than 600 cultivated varieties of garlic worldwide. All garlic belongs to the genus Allium and the species sativum. Species are soft necks (softnecks var. sativum and hardneck var. […]

Tips for Growing Fern Plants

  Fern-in the garden and indoors Ferns are some of the most beautiful plants in woodland, but they can grow equally well in your garden or even at home. “Fern” refers to about 12,000 species of plants that reproduce by spores without producing flowers or seeds. Not all 12,000 fern plants are suitable as garden plants, but […]

Bamboo mite info-learn how to kill bamboo spider mites

Bamboo ticks are nothing new. Experts believe it was accidentally shipped from Japan in the United States in early 1917. There are a lot of problems, especially in Florida and the west coast. Bamboo plants also suffer from common spider mites, but bamboo mites that penetrate the underside of the leaves and suck juices are more […]

Balsamic Plant Information Tips for Growing Balsamic Plants

Balsminaceae impatiens are the sun common to partial shade flowering every year. Easily grown and widely available in nurseries and garden centers. The balsam common name is known as the balsam or the umbrella name for the balsam that includes various forms and tones. Balsam is also called “Rose Balsam”. The flowers have double petals and come in […]


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of growing your own herbs and keeping them on the kitchen window sill is that you can easily access a few thyme or basil leaves whenever you want. However, these little plants will not give you enough raw materials to make a sauce for drying and freezing. Therefore, it is best […]

Types of plants: ornamental species, care and essential crops

It is estimated that there are more than 298 thousand different species of plants in the world today, of which only 215 thousand have already been described and cataloged by science. Yes, Mother Nature was very generous! And with so many different species and types of plants, are you there without even a little green […]

Aromatic Plants – The Power in our Well-Being and Health

Growing aromatic plants has a thousand-year-old tradition for 3,000 years. It was soon discovered that certain plants have a direct influence on our organism when used in our food by ingestion, drink like tea, atopic in the form of cream or other applications. Its medicinal effect, aroma and taste are highly appreciated. What is an aromatic […]

What is the sucupira seed for? Know your benefits

Sucupira seed has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties, helping to treat ulcers and inflammation in the joints, for example Using plants, fruits and seeds to treat diseases and relieve pain makes perfect sense! After all, nature offers herbal foods that assist in the healing process and are highly nutritious. Sucupira seed, for example, has strong medicinal properties and can […]

06 benefits of sunflower seed that will convince you to consume it

Sunflower seed is good for the health of the heart, intestines, skin, hair, nails and the body as a whole Including seeds and oilseeds in salads, pasta, omelets and other recipes in everyday life is a great tip to increase the menu. Sunflower seed, for example, has many fibers , vitamins and minerals that make the diet more nutritious. In […]

Pumpkin seeds help the body function and increase well-being

The pumpkin Is a food that provides many health benefits and can be used in the preparation of many dishes such as pastries and soups. This is because it is rich in vitamins and low in calories. However, we usually get rid of the richest part of the food: the seed ! The pumpkin seed is a source of many nutrients and can be inserted […]