5 recipes with pumpkin seeds to vary in the daily menu

Use pumpkin seeds in homemade bread recipes
Use pumpkin seeds in homemade bread recipes

Did you know that you can prepare several recipes using pumpkin seeds ? Many people still have the habit of discarding this part of the fruit, but this is a big mistake. Sources of omega 3 , zinc, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, A, E and antioxidants, pumpkin seeds have a lot to add to the diet and can be introduced into our diet in various ways. Do you want to learn how to use them on a daily basis? We have listed 5 recipes with pumpkin seeds for you to vary on the menu. Check out!

1. Breads sprinkled with pumpkin seeds are more nutritious and tasty

If you are part of the team that likes to prepare homemade breads , you must use pumpkin seeds! They help to make the dough more nutritious and give a touch of incredible flavor. Ideally, you should prepare the dough normally and, before baking, sprinkle the seeds – so they bake together with the dough and turn golden.

2. How about serving roasted pumpkin seeds as an appetizer?

Pumpkin seeds (by themselves) already work as a great appetizer, you know? To prepare this snack, spread them on a platter, add a little olive oil, salt and place them to bake in the oven. Wait a few minutes and that’s it! You can serve them as a healthy aperitif at friends’ gatherings. What about?

3. Make a flour from the pumpkin seeds

Have you ever thought about preparing homemade flour from pumpkin seeds? The good news is that this is also easy to do: put the seeds to roast, until they are well browned, and then beat in the blender. Use a sieve to separate the generated dust and that’s it! The best part is that this flour can be used in several ways: to prepare breads, season salads, juices, vitamins and yogurts. It’s a great way to make the diet more nutritious!

4. Use the pumpkin seeds in the preparation of the pesto sauce

When preparing pesto sauce (to increase pasta or meat, for example) another interesting tip is to use pumpkin seeds. You will need basil, garlic, olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice, parmesan cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds. Beat all the ingredients in a blender or processor and you’re done. It is delicious!

5. Pumpkin seed cookies serve as healthy snacks

Another interesting suggestion is to prepare healthy cookies using pumpkin seeds. Prepare the dough with oatmeal, cocoa, brown sugar and pumpkin seeds to decorate. Put the dough (in the shape of balls) in a form and then just take it to the oven. The seeds turn golden and add a touch of flavor.

Note: You can also use the homemade pumpkin seed flour to prepare the cookie dough.

Bonus: use pumpkin seeds to spice up fruit and yogurt

Pumpkin seed can also be easily eaten for breakfast . For this, our tip is to prepare a mix of cereals, oilseeds and seeds to season fruit salads and yogurts on a daily basis. When making this mixture, you assemble a kind of nutritious and super healthy granola. Here’s the tip!


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